Frequently asked questions

Luggage transport


We transport your luggage from stage to stage on different routes. We collect your luggage from your accommodation and take it to the next accommodation, depending on your booking.

When to book?

As soon as possible! We advise you to send us your itinerary as soon as it is finalized and booked.

Day-to-day booking

If you haven't planned your journey, as you don't know exactly what it is, you can always call us the day before before at 7pm to arrange transport for the next day. Or you can bookdirectly on our website.

Can we book on a daily basis?

Yes, if you haven't planned your journey, as you don't know exactly what it is, you can always call us the day before before at 7pm to arrange transport for the next day. Or you can book directly on our website.


Your luggage can be a suitcase, a sports bag, a rucksack... it doesn't matter, the main thing is that it is in one piece. It is important that all bags are clearly marked with the name of your reservation (even for groups).

Luggage weight

We ask that each piece of luggage does not exceed 15kg and is made up of one piece. If you are overweight, we will ask you to lighten your luggage or to pack a second piece of luggage which will be charged extra.

Pick-up and delivery time

We ask that luggage be available in the accommodation every morning at 8am. Your luggage will be delivered during the day by 5pm at the latest.

Baggage identification

When you first pick up your luggage, it must be identified so that our driver can recognise it among the other luggage that may be present in your accommodation. It is important that all bags are clearly identified with the name of your reservation (even for groups).

Regular Shuttles

How we work 

The shuttles allow you:
*to move from one stage to another,
*to return to your point of departure (our drivers drop you off as close as possible to your destination)
*several departures per day, departures at fixed and regular times upon reservation.
*Private shuttles available upon request

We offer our service on the following routes

The Way of St. James (GR65)
The Way of Stevenson (GR72)
The Way of St. Guilhem le Désert
For other routes, we offer tailor-made transport.

Reservations are required 

The shuttle bus only serves the stages on reservation. Whether it is several months in advance or the day before if there are still places available, you must reserve your shuttle transport.

For all specific transport (animals, pushchairs, etc.)

Contact us.

For bicycle transport

Please specify this when booking. There is an additional charge of 15€ per bike and per journey.

The transport of my luggage is included in the price of the return journey

Vehicle transfer


We transport your vehicle by road from your departure point to your arrival point. You will find your car at the end of your journey!

Deposit of keys and papers

At your accommodation, you will leave the vehicle's papers and keys in an envelope. We advise you to make an inventory of the vehicle. Our driver will also do this. We will drop you off at the accommodation of your destination that you will have indicated to us beforehand.

Where should I leave my car?

On arrival at the pick-up point, you will park your vehicle at the accommodation or near the accommodation. We ask you to leave the exact parking location in the envelope with the vehicle keys and papers.

How to make a claim?

You have until 5pm the day after the end of your tour to make a complaint. After this time, it cannot be received as such.


Payment of the reservation

*Byour online booking service: payment by credit card on a secure site 🔒
*Bye-mail: a deposit will be requested on confirmation and the balance at the latest on the first day.

*Bytelephone : the day before for the next day
Directly to the driver for the transport of persons
In an envelope attached to your luggage


Cancellation of passenger transport

Any reservation can be cancelled by the client under the following conditions:

* 72 hours before the event: full refund
* 48 hours before the event: 50% refund
* Less than 48 hours before the event: no refund
According to the cancellation conditions indicated above, we will refund the excess amount.

Cancellation of luggage transport

Can be done until 7pm the night before.


How are the refunds made?

Send us a letter or an e-mail for all refund requests.