Our know-how for 24 years

Ride light, keep the essentials, leave the rest to us.

Opt for an optimal comfort during your hike, you will have the pleasure to find your luggage at the end of your stage each day.

Transbagages, creator of the concept of luggage carrying since 1998, will take the greatest care of your personal effects throughout your trip.

Creator of this service intended to facilitate your hike, we are delighted to accompany you for 25 years to lighten your load! Take full advantage of the joys and discoveries along your itinerary.

From stage to stage, have your luggage transported.

Every morning we collect your luggage from your accommodation, which we have previously selected and communicated to our teams. We will then take them to your next accommodation. The stages must be a maximum of 30km.

Why choose a luggage transport during your hikes?

- Walk light: travel with the daily essentials and leave the rest in your luggage -
Stay dry Your belongings are not affected by the climatic hazards encountered during the day
- Take full advantage of the exceptional landscapes and your encounters, don't miss out on unforgettable moments
- Your health first and foremost, your joints preserved. Less pressure on your back, knees, hips ...

In which establishment can I book?

Hotel, gîte, camping, Auberge... We are in contact with all the accommodation available within a 5km radius of the different GR. Because hikers must be able to choose their well-deserved resting place, your choice will be ours.

Suitcases, bags, which container to choose ?

You choose the container you want. Think that it must be of a single container and of reasonable size. Do not hang anything on your bags that could fall off during your transport (shoes, plastic bag...). In case of loss we cannot be held responsible.
All bags must be labeled and identifiable with the name of the reservation.
We are not allowed to carry any kind of medication or medical device, even if it is contained in your belongings.

How much weight can I carry?

Your luggage must weigh less than or equal to 15kg. Beyond that, our driver will notify you and two containers will have to be created. We will then charge you an additional baggage.
1 baggage = 1 container of 15kg maximum

On which path ?

We can transport your luggage on all our catalog of touring. Take advantage of the transport of your luggage on our legendary paths